Lotus Blossom + Mandarin

zoe + greg

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A colorful day of play is enhanced by sweet satsuma mandarin, fresh Mirabelle plums, blooming peony, and intoxicating linen musk, creating a dreamy, relaxed state of bliss.

This fragrance has been especially curated to help promote mood enhancement. Additional mood benefits: uplifting, happiness and relaxing.

Top Notes: Satsuma Mandarin, Fresh Yuzu, Mirabelle Apricot
Middle Notes: Lotus Blossoms, Peony, Star Apple
Bottom Notes: Banyan Bark, Boxwood, Linen Musk

Essential Oils : Orange from Brazil/USA

 14 oz (by volume)

2022 Spring + Summer Collection

what are functional fragrances? It means that the fragrance you're lookin' at is specifically formulated with a function (or multiple) to take it from amazing to out to out of this world

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