Nourishing Walnut Body Polish (Lotion Version)

zoe + greg

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6 oz (by weight)

This gentle exfoliating walnut scrub is the perfect way to get rid of dead skin cells, nourish your body and moisturize during your shower.

Simply apply 2-3 times a week after cleansing your body, and wash away.   Your skin will feel smoother and supple right away.  A little goes a long way, use about a quarter size amount and rub over your body - adjust up or down as desired.

Proprietary Lotion Base: Luxurious vegan, non-toxic formula filled with plant-based ingredients that quickly nourish the skin when applied. This is blended with biodegradable fatty acids drawn from olive oil that mimic the skin’s surface, leaving a silky, smooth, supple finish that soothes ultra-dry and sensitive skin. Contains Aloe leaf juice, Olive fruit oil, Passion Fruit Oil, Rice bran oil, Acai Palm, Calendula Flower Oil and Flax seed oil. 

Fine Walnut Shell Powder: Nourishing, all-natural, exfoliating powder comes from fine walnut shells

Available in 4 scents:  Rose water + Hibiscus, Dark Rose + Labdanum, Lavender + Ylang, and unscented.

Not intended for facial use (not tested), and be careful around sensitive areas.  This product is made with walnut shell powder, please consider any allergies prior to purchase and use.